About, me?

I once did a school project on colours and their effects on the psyche and how they can influence moods and attitudes. The colour blue has always remained with me as an anxiety hoarder (I don’t likeĀ sufferer) as this colour is supposed to be not only the most calming but also the most helpful when focusing. This is why blue is a colour I try to carry with me at all times.

I’ve been told that associating colour so strongly with my life is a “waste of time” but as a person who relies very strongly on my visual surroundings, this is an important feature for me to focus on. While me explaining why my blog is blue may seem a similar “waste of time”, as the person I am I believe this may be an important factor in understanding my About-ness.

This could also possibly be an absolutely senseless page on which, much like when asked to ‘describe yourself’ on your first day somewhere new, I didn’t know what to say and spouted the first statement that was nice enough to slip off my tongue.

Lovely days to you all